Services & Pricing

Sole Replacement - Starting at $45


Souls can be saved... soles cannot. We will remove the old worn out sole and replace it with top grade Super Prime  leather or Goodyear rubber soles. After sewing on the new sole we'll color and shine your shoes bringing them back to life with a complimentary shine service. 

Heel Replacement - Starting at $35


We carry a variety of sizes, styles and surfaces of heels to accommodate an array of shoes. Our incredible attention to detail will ensure a seamless finish on your favorite pair of dress shoes or a perfectly tapered cowboy boot. Complimentary shoe shine included. 

Ladies Heel Replacement - Starting at $15


Ladies we've got you covered! From boots to stilettos we can save those worn out shoes and make them beauties again with a complimentary shoe shine included with this service. 

Birkenstocks - Starting at $45


Don't bother breaking in new leather, we can resole and replace cork beds as needed. Your hippy sandals will look like new!

Sewing - Starting at $10


Our leather sewing machine is ready to take on your tears, rips, loose stitching and more! This service is not limited to shoes or leather. Bring us any sewing project and we'll deliver quality work.  We specialize in bad dog repairs. 

Shoe Shine - Starting at $10


You'd be surprised what a little shoe polish and elbow grease can do to a dusty pair of shoes! We start with a wipe down of any debris, then color match the leather and apply all over, next buff out the polish revealing a beautiful shine and finish 

More Services & Pricing

Stretching - Starting at $10


Shoes a bit snug? Drop them off to be stretched in the width, length, instep and even that pesky bunion area. 

Elastic & Velcro - Starting $20


If your elastic has lost it's stretch or your velcro has lost it's stick we can help! We will replace the problem area so your shoe will function like new again.